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Who Can Apply For Financial Assistance?

The Haven Foundation is a charitable foundation that assists people who have made their living as freelance artists but have run into a difficult period because of illness, injury or mishap and need a helping hand to get back on their feet again.

Unfortunately, the Haven Foundation cannot help every freelance fine arts applicant and we do not award scholarships or “fellowships” of any kind including for study, schooling or travel. We do not give writing grants.

Applications from commercial artists, bloggers, crafters, hobbyists, medical writers, commercial artists, or those who work in the arts but serve solely in a technical support capacity, as well as any artist whose work did not constitute the primary source of their income for several years will not be accepted. Although the need is real and often urgent, The Haven Foundation is not authorized for such funding and we will not respond to such requests. Additionally, the Haven Foundation makes absolutely no funding awards, recommendations or endorsements regarding manuscripts or artwork.

If you think you qualify, here’s what you need to send us:

Established Freelance Fine Artists Should Submit The Following With The Application:

    1. Signed copies of household’s past 3 years IRS tax return(s).
    2. Copies of medical expenses (doctors and hospital bills), if applicable.
    3. A letter detailing the reasons for the need of financial assistance.
    4. A link to your work on the internet (preferred) or a CD or slides of current work, resume, exhibition brochures, gallery affiliation, publisher(s), musical demonstration.

If you need the material returned, please include self-addressed, stamped envelope.

How Applicants Are Selected For Assistance:

The Haven Foundation Administrator will carefully review all applications. The administrator may find the applicant does not meet the award criteria. The decision of the administrator is binding. The administrator’s findings are reported to the The Haven Foundation Board for consideration during the grant award meetings. All information is confidential. The decision to grant an award is subject to the sole discretion of The Haven Foundation Board and is final and binding.

Can I Reapply?

Recipients of awards from The Haven Foundation are permitted to reapply for financial assistance if their circumstances are still critical, but only after the term of aid expires, typically one year from the date of the initial award. Any applicants who have been denied may reapply. In either case, all required forms must be updated and resubmitted.

How do I obtain an application for The Haven Foundation?

The application for financial assistance form is found on the website and is designed to be printed from your web browser. Click on the file menu and select the print option. You may request a form in writing from The Haven Foundation, PO Box 128, Brewer, Maine 04412. The completed form must be submitted via USPS. We do not accept electronic submissions at this time.

How do I know when the grants will be given?

Each grant period has a closing date after which applications will automatically be held for the next award grant. The closing date is published on the website:

The Haven Foundation

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